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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EST

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here in the russian capital and with r.t. the headlines now are the italian senate approved his harshest new austerity law yet. growing consensus that the euro zone's third largest economy is falling to the ravages of the euro crisis. palestine is expected to push for a vote on its un statehood even if it loses. just. what you believe will be dictated by the u.s. . and western. oil rich from libya seeking to skim the cream off
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the riches following. today we are exploring in the russian capital through the eyes. she's totally cold. friendly. dynamic. to friends. cope.
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a. trusted secretary that a welcome to the show this week program will be taking a look at business facilities and locations in the russian every week thousands of business bad i women come to moscow for various meetings company says its efficiency and most also by arriving here one of the guys made apple's terminals there are three international airports in moscow sheremetyevo in the new image of the south and look over to the southwest of the capital around thirty comes from the city since each and all served by express trains on major highways. if
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traveling by car he went off traffic twenty times very greatly through all these transport hubs depending on the time of day says the nine hundred ninety s. with globalization and her streak of interest from within companies. to do business in russia has increased dramatically thousands of foreign companies have moved here i mean to gain profit in the country's developing markets this terminal ensure maximum was recently voted for the best in europe with this new hotels and restaurants for the wife i areas business lounges and services and information in english and russian facilities away as to what the app or often several years ago the soviet house hindsight question is. if it or shoot you as always i sure may see that we have been repeated lounges and an executive lounge for the first and business calls passengers there's also a sense of business aviation for those passengers who prefer to travel on their own
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private jets in all these lounges prissie of the guests is our priority. even the airport and we all met our driver on a private companies efficient systems operate. from limousines to large as any vehicle can be preloaded to organize at the airport arrival lounge prices to the city center from sheer immense about start at around one thousand two hundred rubles roughly forty dollars. schedules schedules schedules time is money when travelling on business so it's into the car and off we go to accommodation now and moscow has a wide range of business rates that cater for and budgets wisconsin's elegant modern building is located on the street to the sky. just across the road from red square and the kremlin is one of the most convenience hotels moscow for business tourism opens in the summer of two thousand and seven it brought a new level of luxury to the city with extremely spacious explicitly
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a quirky bridge and suites range of amenities. the hotels public spaces are even more lavish with the city's biggest pool room adding the list of spectacular conference i'm using spaces. in this hotel i would say to seventy eighty percent it's all business travelers moscow is one of those business nations where business is booming and therefore the majority of our guests are business travelers and they have here a business center they have conference rooms we have eleven conference rooms and meeting rooms as well with all the facilities technical facilities. everywhere is why fire on the internet concierge can fulfill every wish business people feel you are truly truly at home entry we all met with a fragrant smell polished wood interior and natural fabrics very nice no wonder
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this is a destination for royalty chops for imported celebrities and the jet setting elite . touch now the ritz carlton hotel here ours is sixty six weeks popular with other women from russia and indeed all around the world everything and think of haiti for special services delivery of printed documents butlers pillow menus all the. cons you can think of including various docking stations and a fully functional. there's a wide range of services for business travelers in my private secretaries business centers where you can mention office or office equipment conference halls and legal services also many major companies realize the green leaves the language supports english german french japanese multilingual started becoming and this is the many
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russian businesses. makes up right at the glistering skyscrapers of the moscow city complex as the capital's own city canary wharf in london for example an estimated three hundred thousand people will be working living in the complex. at any given time. in some of the interiors the lavish and contemporary the suited and booted can look confidently along the polished floors this area of its new russia at its best the moscow international business center is still under development when finished it's expected to become the first go into russia taken by business activity and to tame in a living space in the world single development hundreds of companies are already working here including many interest for investment by. posting some of the best facilities in your assembly some of the best use this area is clearly the future business in the russell from children's aires and conference hall is
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a private meeting rooms and v.o.i.p. lounges every need is catered for. a city is aimed to be at the forefront of such services rest assured the top notch office spaces here will not disappoint in europe everything is already more or less standard so you have your you have your way or for having business in your russian you have to invent more or less something every day and this is in my point of view the main difference between russia and europe so far. really on and what other business locations or facilities are worth taking note of in moscow. for years there have been two main stock exchanges inversely capital my sex and r.c.s. my sex the must go into buy currency exchange below financial markets is one of the largest stock exchanges in eastern europe. at the same time r.t.s.
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the russian trading system is a stock market established in moscow in one thousand nine hundred five to consolidate regional trading companies into one exchange recently a decision has been made to incorporate the school of them on a new hat which is just open. for business. travel if you want to stay close to the city center a lot you hotel in moscow as you are by the street is a great choice the area is a thriving financial and shopping center it's also a walking distance of the capital's major sites and none marks the five star pretty great is part of the reader's largest luxury hotel group and features three hundred more. swanky restaurants banquet halls and the spa. business services are provided in our panelled lounge there are two mixing rooms an ability to organize a video conference and also a translator and think with the resources. the crocus group is a project from a successful business man unless i get a lot of cheap thousand and one he founded the crocus city complex
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a must is ring road and right now hundreds of thousands of people a week visit the city clearly city as it's called when for both business and pleasure the complex includes a business hotel and a large international exhibition center called caracas expo that features dozens of conference halls the complex also boasts a concert hall with several shopping malls restaurants and even a yacht club. a successful businessman is often too busy to deal with car rental ticket or restaurant reservations and other entertainment needs of those in need of telephone service the world wide plan c o service quintessentially is one answer to that needs a membership is strictly limited it does come at a price but for those you know the prize and that's all i have in any requests and twenty four seven around the globe is essential. but it's also a. sixty year old as all over the world we are one of. our
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client is a businessman. the. family always so. ever would like. is a vibrant place to say the least and the loss of any this is worries probably business moves quickly in russia and many high end deals are made of visits to the bank or in the city's elegant restaurants hectic day of meetings can even end up in the city's dairy skillets see night clubs one worth mentioning is soho rooms a must party scene that's if you get it in the face control here suzanne and michael graham a stress aside is harsh one way to gain access is to be invited. into a group such as intonations small world in the british business club to name just a few many social events and then use such as server rooms the aim to connect. with
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fellow foreigners and business minded muscovites. to impress your business partner . is a changing world and. business is still thriving in the russian capital and with more facilities good foreign interests as surely. as a few job international investments whether it's the five star hotels exhibition center rooms on the thirty fifth floor of moscow city one thing is for sure for the business or pleasure a trip to the russian capital to something you will never forget. the rest. of the hour. but unfortunately that's what.
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ray and the rest. great. comfort. you need. to put the. moscow. twenty years ago the largest country in. this situation.
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might have been trying. to teach began a journey. where did it take. on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls since they are. ladies and gentlemen your chance to choose this it's a good book explain the status of the human experiments. because you will see this rap music in which it goes to cluelessly trying to make sense of global economy and it's on changelings us financial table these are the reasons to maintain our confidence in markets and think you want to want these things way to balance his recession look even the nations close to collapsing it's like looking foreclosed homes. some fail circlet banks again feel a little like think is the u.s.
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crash and imminent smash the ceiling change is like ultimate justice in athens greece the i.m.f. constructionism just programs in greece going to turn economist at. the headlines on our t.v. and the italian senate approves its harsh new austerity law yet hoping to stem a growing consensus that the euro zone's third largest economy is falling to the ravages of the euro crisis. palestine is expected to push for a vote on its un a statehood even if it loses the. and once the opponents to justify their decision which it believes will be dictated by the u.s. . and western corporations descend upon the oil rich in libya seeking to skim the cream off the riches left following nato's mission. i was handed over to kate now she's here with the sports.
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hello and thank you for joining me for the latest sports update this friday author of the planes evening a full time here for the top stories you're unfocused coach dick advocaat targets victory in friday night's friending greece as russia continues their preparations for euro twenty two hours. while counting the cost we look at russia's two week opponents and discover have spoiled has the recession hit country something to cheer about. our burning bright former world number one tiger woods it's a sizzling five on the far out of sixty seventy and a world class field i once wrote this straight you know when. this guy was football where russia had been training in athens ahead of this friday's encounter with greece even though they're special and it starts in the dog coach they got to go
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has called out the new faces to the squad to face reached this point his own terms suba and xander got caught in both hoping to win the first caps but the trial is short and striking options as both alexander cares a call for and. rounds injures itself in the favor is set to start in goal as first iraq in fray it's still a long way off making his return after a serious knee injury however says he'll resist the temptation to make wholesale changes every game leading up to next year's european finals is far from. you know what it was that. he was doing that no after qualification i would go out so more larger games i will i would like to see that day like because everybody is talking about experience but. well meanwhile greece has been grabbing the headlines around the world over the last few weeks for all the wrong reasons due to the state of the country's economy and it seems the financial crisis
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has been affecting sporting greece as well however as richard found out sport has been able to give its football and basketball mad country something to cheer about . scenes like these have been all too common in greece recently the world watches as the country's economy falls further and further into despair and of the great national football teams hold us some of us replaces club football in scotland he says it's hard to watch what is happening to his country. when the headlines it's. one thing. to have. a false. positive. problems. come from a strong play. go through. this nation has always
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been at the forefront of european club football and basketball competitions however leading teams such as puff and i cosigned limpy our costs of finding it more and more difficult to hold on to their best player is one such example is me austria dosage a serbian point guard who'd been a heartbeat of olympiakos for four years however during the summer he moved to san sky moscow his former club couldn't afford him. the brothers own p.r. of course the basketball club well the football side olympiacos was run by the. these teams world their toys in the team running to them before their financial crises but now even they don't want to spend their money down global's brothers wanted to quit supporting course but after the fans rights they decided not to leave the club in this situation when you push the link between greece and sports goes back centuries even thousands of years the country's given so much to sports
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that one could even say a country helped invent the idea of a principle of organized competitions of the first century lympics held in a limb here in hundred seven. hundred seventy six b. c. or greece would also hold the first ever modern olympics in eighty ninety six all times i'm obviously changed and this is one of the country's more modern stadiums where greece will take on russia in a friendly match on friday a great fans of the most passionate in europe and even despite the economic crisis which is crippling their country still turning out in the tens of thousands to watch my favorite teams play that said a crowd of only fifteen thousand this expected to watch russia's friendly game on friday and small turnouts has little to do with the current economic situation. after winning the euro two thousand and four the national side is something really special for the greeks political our culture is much more developed and the rivalry
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between our only thing i course. is more important when then defending champions of two thousand and six easily came to play in greece only five thousand people turned out to see the strongest national side in the world. but our dad small is playing a vital role in helping the people of greece through this very difficult period of their lives and they here is understand they have an important role to play in helping to boost the morale of the local population you can put. so perfectly for. all their sports. people living. there anything we. can give them to give them. they can escape from the problems. he's maybe on the verge of leaving the euro currency but they are very
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much still in the euro two thousand and twelve championships seven years ago they shot the continent as also the hardest men went on. when the tournament. thanks steve i'll be playing in poland and ukraine and. it would be to the people of greece the best side to repeat the heroics of two thousand and four richard pombo three don't see athens. staying with football and fourth place is still available at next summer's hero twenty twelve championships with four playoff picture is also taking place this friday night and former russian on a single sitting turkey the first leg of his career a shot. very keen. to play these two matches. of course against the will respect its opponents an opponent who has also history with the key. in the past. but i think age
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a well respected opponent because they are. presenting themselves well in it on international level. wearables near and herzegovina who finished one point one france in group d. take on portugal the wedge that norway on their head to head record the world's newest national side montenegro a second the meaning of the in blue jeans when they go to the czech republic and finish i spy in a stone young who overcame the likes of serbia and sylvia finish runners up in group c. they take on all islands he was seventy three russia on strike alexander has a goal thanks jonny top attorneys and desire to reach the finals especially after they were denied a place at last year's world cup tie carry on in the playoffs. the one you see this is the second i think. the boys you mean are you still trying to play against the first time i think stan was in atlanta five thousand if you can understand it to
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get to the u.s. especially after that and a playoff is not against france but the previous to come. to golf now where former world number one tiger woods has continued his fine form to carve a super five on the last sixty seven history and open to go top of the leaderboard for the first time in mere words who's fallen out of the top fifty for the first time since one thousand nine hundred six started his second eight three shots behind a screen media coverage while with world in my time major winner and seven birdies and two bogeys from nine under at the close of day two meanwhile i overnighted the last record around of seventy four control to share a fifth veteran australian peter o'malley jumped up the leaderboard by ending his round with consecutive birdies finish just cannot expect to find woods in second today's best round of sixty six and a local star jason day who played alongside woods qualified for the car around sixty eight to finish just two shots off his seven under but they scored
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it well they fell to tiger. most days were i knew that when i was a road or not orderly and. had to take care of this part i was on the outside and. kind of didn't part two all right there i made a few other birdies really really low around. a good. thing on the weightlifting our european champion yes has broken our own world record on day five of the world championships at disneyland in paris the russian took gold in the clean and jerk in the sunday five kilograms of vision taking defending champion of the good of out of kazakhstan like six kilos to set a new record of hundred sixty three kilograms one more than the previous best. product if that in his world record was the second set in as many days by russian and i mean mark sixty three this is.
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funny to basketball and i go moscow rallied for a nine point halftime deficit to edge defending champions promise and i got seventy eight seventy six in overtime in athens to claim first place in group of me you rarely the greek side had a comfortable thought you wanted thirty two least a half time so this is just back to take you to please point by the end it's so cool to us and i close extended their lead once more in the final ten minutes. and it was in the dying moments for kids into the extra period to find some american cheating by the hindsight then the russian team finally in the titian it's come down to their advantage eventually inch of victory by two points. both ways in four decades.
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and that's all sports news for now but i'll be back with another outlet in just under two hours please join me again. question is that so much knowledge on the field and i think given really. is china and then again or is the world undergoes massive economic and geopolitical shifts as well changes in china take on a quitter. and
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